Cashed Arcade offers b spot mobile gambling. b spot is a licensed real money gambling platform that fuses the pulse-pounding excitement of horse racing with the on-demand fun of mobile games. Your b spot bets are placed on live horse races around the world. Your winnings are determined by the results of those races. Play b spot games to discover and collect your winnings. All deposits FDIC insured.


It’s an easy three step process.

1. PLACE A BET: First, you open an account with b spot, deposit money, and choose how much to bet. To make the betting experience quick and simple, b spot generates a mix of horse race wagers for you on an upcoming race. You can confirm those wagers, or change them up. Once you approve, your wagers are placed on those races. Within a short period of time, your b spot account will display a “My Wagers” balance equal to the amount of your bet. You are then ready to go play games and discover your winnings!

2. PLAY GAMES: b spot offers a diverse library of fun and exciting games to choose from. Pick your favorite game, then select an amount from your My Wagers balance to reveal in that game. Any cash winnings from your bets will be revealed inside the game as you play. Some games include a skill-based trigger like shooting a target to reveal your winnings. But if you miss the target, or end a game before revealing your winnings, no worries. Any and all winnings are safe and sound on b spot and will ultimately be revealed as you keep playing, no matter what your level of skill.

3. COLLECT YOUR WINNINGS: Any winnings you discover while playing a b spot game are immediately credited to your b spot cash account. You can withdraw your winnings anytime and go on a shopping spree, or continue to Bet & Play with b spot!


  • It’s Exciting: Picture one thousand pounds of hoof-beating liquid adrenaline.
  • It’s Fair: Ever heard the saying “Never bet against the house”? The horse racing industry isn’t a casino. Horse race betting operators don’t make more money if you lose a bet.
  • It’s Safe: Online horse race betting is a heavily regulated industry. Operators work under federal law and are licensed by the states.
  • It Pays: Last year, U.S. horse race bettors won over $8 billion. All legit. All Paid.

Check this link to see which states are currently available on the b spot network: http://bit.ly/bspot-playnow


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Headquartered in Los Angeles, b spot is authorized to conduct online horse wagering pursuant to state licenses and the federal Interstate Horseracing Act. Now stop reading this and get busy with b spot in Cashed Arcade.

Must be 21+ to wager and play for money. b safe play responsibly: http://bspot.com/pages/bsafe